• Taste Changing Tablets for Lovers

    Make them taste sweeter.

  • 9Pines Pineapple Shot for Lovers

    Make yourself taste sweeter.


Our Taste Changing Tablets make your partner taste sweeter than ever...

Our flagship Taste Changing Tablets for Lovers combine the taste changing capacities of miraculin with our proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals to make your partner taste extra sweet.


... and our 9Pines Pineapple Shot makes you taste even sweeter, too.

Each 9Pines Pineapple Shot for Lovers packs the power of 9 pineapples' worth of bromelain, to make you taste extra sweet for your partner.



Taste Changing Tablets

  • Fully dissolve one taste changing tablet to coat your entire tongue.

    Remember, don't chew!

  • Once dissolved, everything will taste sweeter for up to one hour.

    Our proprietary blend of ingredients will shift your taste perception to enhance the sweetness in the flavors you are tasting.

  • Repeat as desired.

    Have fun! We encourage you to use your imaginations to make the most of your time with partner as you explore the effects of our Taste Changing Tablets.

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9Pines Pineapple Shot

  • Each bottle packs the power of 9 pineapples' worth of bromelain.

    Bromelain is the main ingredient in pinapples that is known to sweeten bodily fluids.

  • We added even more, including mango, papaya, cranberry, and cinnamon.

    These ingredients are similar to bromelain in its effects on bodily fluid.

  • Drink up and get busy!

    Take 9Pines to become irresistibly sweet for your partner.

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