Frequently Asked Questions

How does 9Pines work?

Each 9Pines Pineapple Shot for Lovers packs the power of 9 pineapples' worth of bromelain, to make you taste extra sweet for your partner.

Each bottle packs the power of 9 pineapples' worth of bromelain. Bromelain is the main ingredient in pineapples that is known to sweeten bodily fluids.

We added even more, including mango, papaya, cranberry, and cinnamon. These ingredients are similar to bromelain in its effects on bodily fluid.

So, drink up and get busy! Take 9Pines to become irresistibly sweet for your partner.

How do the Taste Changing Tablets work?

Our flagship Taste Changing Tablets for Lovers combine the taste changing capacities of miraculin with our proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals to make your partner taste extra sweet.

Fully dissolve one taste changing tablet to coat your entire tongue. Remember, don't chew!

Once dissolved, everything will taste sweeter for up to one hour. Our proprietary blend of ingredients will shift your taste perception to enhance the sweetness in the flavors you are tasting.

Repeat as desired. Have fun! We encourage you to use your imaginations to make the most of your time with partner as you explore the effects of our Taste Changing Tablets.

When should I take Taste Changing Tablets?

Though it makes everything taste sweet - even lemons! We recommend taking it with a partner 😉
Whenever you’re in the mood, or need some help getting in the zone, dissolve a tablet on your tongue. Then, enjoy its effects for up to 1 hour.

When should I take 9Pines?

9Pines is powerful! Only 1 2oz shot per day, taken anywhere from 2-12 hours before getting busy, is recommended for best results.

What do your products taste like?

9Pines has a sweet tangy pineapple flavor and is perfect on it's own or as a cocktail flavoring.

Taste Changing Tablets are a subtly sweet compression of a dried fruit called the miracle berry. It is akin to a raspberry flavor!

How long do the effects last?

The duration of our products varies from person to person.

For tablets, you can typically expect the effects to last anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

For 9Pines, we encourage that you take one daily for best results. (But no more than that!)

Can men and women both take Sugar 💦 products?

We’ve formulated and created our products with romantic partners in mind. It’s ingredients are safe for all genders, it’s sure to be an exciting experience for anyone. Share with your friends, or lovers!

Are your products safe?

Sugar💦 products contains ZERO illicit substances or drugs.

Taste Changing Tablets are made with Miraculin, magnesium, zinc and B12.

9Pines is made with bromelain alongside added natural ingredients like mango, papaya, cinnamon and cranberry.

All ingredients in our products have been professionally vetted and are produced in an FDA compliant facility.

How much should I take?

For Taste Changing Tablets, 1 tablet is enough for 1 person, and the effects should last for about an hour. Each package contains 6 tablets, for a total of 6 experiences.

For 9Pines, we recommend taking 1 shot per day for best results. Do not take more than that to avoid digestive repercussions.

Can I take them by myself?

Yes! You can take Sugar💦 by yourself; however, to get the full experience, we recommend taking with a partner.

Is there an age restriction?

Although there are no illicit substances or drugs in Sugar💦 products, it is not recommended for anyone 18 years or younger.

What is your refund and return policy?

Because this is a food item, we are unable to return and refund any opened product. If your product arrives damaged, please reach out to us via email (

Can I purchase outside of the US?

At this moment, we do not ship outside of the USA. But stay tuned, as we’re working on getting international shipping set up!