What is Sugar 💦?

What is Sugar 💦?

Have you ever had something SO GOOD, that you just couldn’t wait to get more? That’s what we were thinking when we created Sugar💦. Our goal was to take something sweet, and make it even sweeter with our flavor tripping tablets. 

Sugar Splash’s taste-changing tablets are made from a fruit - Miracle Berry - that contains a protein which temporarily binds to your taste-buds and makes sour, astringent and bitter flavors taste sweet. Just imagine the things you could do with that 😉 

BUT we wanted to take it one step further and make things even sweeter so we also added magnesium, zinc and B12. Magnesium facilitates blood flow, making you last longer, and its calming benefits help you relax into the moment. Zinc is a key sex hormone that helps increase your sex drive and improve performance. Lastly, B12 will help increase your energy, your stamina and your sensation. 

Sounds pretty great, right? But you might be wondering how to get all of these benefits. Well, we freeze dried the fruit and pressed it into a powdered tablet for you. So all you have to do is let the tablet dissolve on your tongue and then enjoy with a lover 😘

For the best results, make sure to let the tablet completely dissolve on the tongue without chewing it — and save the swallowing for later 😈. The effects will then last about an hour, so take one when you’re just wrapping date-night, or right before you go to bed. It’s fun for both partners to try and 

Keep in mind, this is made from a fruit and the natural effects may vary person to person. An example we like to give is when eating cilantro, some people love it and some people think it tastes like soap. But it’s still worth trying, because it might just become your new favorite snack 🍆🍑

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