What is 9Pines?

What is 9Pines?

Have you heard of kitty juice? 🐱🍍 Because we bottled it. 

If you’re unfamiliar, “kitty juice” refers to pineapple juice and the idea that it makes your 🐱 or your 🍆💦taste like pineapples. The only catch? You have to drink a lottt of pineapple juice to really notice the effects. 

That’s why we created 9Pines. A shot that includes the equivalent of drinking 9 pineapples, plus we added papaya, mango, cranberry and cinnamon to really help sweeten up your flavors. 

We recommend drinking 9Pines 2 - 12 hours before date night 😘And keep in mind, the more you drink it the stronger the effects will be (but please limit yourself to one per day - we know it can be tempting to drink more). 

There are endless ways to enjoy 9Pines, and can create such a fun date night experience for you and your lover. You can take 9pines as a shot, use it as a chaser or role play as a bartender and mix it into your favorite cocktail. 

9Pines comes in a single shot to make yourself sweet, or a 4-pack if you want to share. Because there’s no longer a reason you or your lover should feel insecure about how you taste.
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