3 Date Night Ideas To Sweeten Things Up

3 Date Night Ideas To Sweeten Things Up

Picture this: It’s Friday night, you’re just getting off work, and instead of feeling excited to pick up your lover for date night, you’re dreading it because you have nothing planned. 

And it’s not that you didn’t try, it’s just that you’ve already done everyyything and you don’t know how to make it special anymore. So you rely on your same routine, go to a nice dinner and then fall asleep watching a movie on the couch. 

Woof. As painful as that is to hear, it’s probably pretty accurate. 

So if you’re ready to make things a little sweeter, both on date night and in the bedroom, then keep reading for some date night ideas you’ve never done before:


1. Craft Cocktail Night (With A Sweet Twist) 

Okay okay, I hear you. Making craft cocktails at home is fun, but not revolutionary. Howeverrr, we have a way to make things a little more interesting 😉

If you haven’t seen 9Pines yet, it’s a shot with the equivalent of 9 pineapples, plus mango, papaya, cranberry and cinnamon. And it’s designed to make your 🐱or your 🍆💦 taste sweet. 

We’ve already created some fun recipes using 9Pines that you can make together on your next date night. After enjoying the drinks, head to the bedroom and see what else is a little sweeter.  


2. Get Trippy

No, we don’t mean take drugs (unless you want to)... what we mean is to go on a flavor trip. 

These taste-changing tablets are made with a fruit - the Miracle Berry - and temporarily alters your taste-buds. The protein in the fruit binds to the taste receptors on your tongue, making sour, bitter and astringent flavors taste sweet

For date night, experiment with our taste-changing tablets. Start by testing your favorite sour foods - lemons, sour gummies, margaritas - and see how the flavors change before and after taking the tablet. Then, finish off with just your lover, to see how sweet they really are 😘 


3. Staycation 

If you really want to go above and beyond, invite your lover over for a “staycation”. To set it up, you’re going to incorporate all 5 senses: sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. So that right when your lover walks-in the room, they immediately feel like they’re on vacation and can fully enjoy. 

Here’s how you set up the “staycation”: 

Sight: Dress up and set up mood lighting. Put on lingerie, or your sexiest outfit, so that the first thing your partner sees is you. Plus, turn off all over head lighting, turn the lamps on, or even set up some decorative lights. 

Sound: Have soft, slow music playing in the background. 

Smell: Light some candles or burn some incense. 

Taste: Try the Ultimate Date Night Pack which comes with 9Pines and Taste-Changing Tablets. Both of these will help reduce anxiety by making everything taste a little sweeter.  

Touch: While the “taste” products set in, tease your partner by making a “no touch” rule for 15 minutes. This means you can touch your partner, but they can’t touch you back, to help build excitement and stimulation.

Now, just enjoy your date and see where this “staycation” takes you. 💋

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